Lead the way

Dear Editor:

Thank you for highlighting the opportunities that are coming available in the electrical energy arena. I would like to expand upon your comments. I am enthusiastic, as you are, that LPEA has the opportunity to be involved in great projects like Mr. Ford’s. LPEA took the lead in renewable energy and energy conservation many years ago. The LPEA board has been closely following the progress of Renewable Forest Energy LLC, and has been in close contact with Mr. Ford ever since I have been on the board (completing my third year.) In fact, Mr. Ford is on the agenda to speak to us during the December board meeting. Though I cannot speak for the entire board of directors, I would be very surprised if even one director were against pursuing such opportunities as this. The delays in becoming operational have been associated with the Forest Service permitting process and not by any hesitation by LPEA to move forward. Similarly, LPEA has been in many conversations with Pagosa Verde on the potential in the geothermal arena. Finally, I would like to point out that it is Tri-State that drives the 5 percent purchase requirement. (Through a 40-year all requirements contract.) We at LPEA have had and will continue to have dialog with Tri-State management regarding this very subject. We are one member of the 44 member Tri-State co-op and must have support from the Tri-State board. As you may know, we are in the complaint process with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission because of Tri-State’s new rate structure initiated this past year. We will continue to work towards meeting our goal of “providing our members with safe, reliable electricity at the lowest reasonable cost while being environmentally responsible.”

Ken Fox

This story was posted on December 19, 2013.