Lead on

Dear Editor:

As a college teacher, local parent and former president of the school board here, I want to give a shout out for teachers, past and present, in the Archuleta County School District 50 JT. Burdened in the past by isolation and disregard, and today, by mandatory standardized testing and disregard, our teachers, with little exception over the years, have brought modern academics to the often unwilling table and have reached through the academic curricula to personally give our students important life skills.

By both words and example, and often extra unpaid time, our teachers have fostered resilience, resourcefulness, curiosity, and follow through in their students. Showing them that learning is attainable for all, however difficult it may seem, that failure is a learning tool, not a predictor of success. These life skills follow our kids forward. I speak from personal experience with my own two boys and their friends, some of whom failed repeatedly in school, and all of whom have emerged strong and bright, pursuing healthy families and careers of their choice. You teachers, retired and current, are a great asset to our community. Lead on.

Carol Feazel

This story was posted on December 6, 2012.