Law enforcement

Dear Editor:

Is there any chance that we can get law enforcement visible more often in the Arboles area of Archuleta County? We need to see that you are serving this area.  There is a very serious problem with break-ins at businesses and private residences. The recent break-in and thefts from the store, the dump station, personal residences are all getting out of hand. Where are you? You only appear when a report is needed on the incident. You are gone until the next 911 call.

There is a county building here that an officer could use to work from. The officer could be living in this area and he would be based out of that building. No need to drive down here daily to work … just become a part of this community. Get to know the people who live here and let us see our taxes at work.

The upcoming election will bring out visibility. “After the fact” that there should already have been deputy patrols besides that volunteer who is down here. What can he do but call 911 just like we can? When the elections is over, whoever is elected will become invisible again. That happens with the County Commissioners too. It is a magical politician moment … now you see me … now you don’t.

J Mencor and Janet Valdez

This story was posted on February 13, 2014.