Dear Editor:

Kudos to our local Humane Society! I recently adopted a kitten from that facility and was very pleased with the whole “process.” For only a $30 donation, I took home my new kitten already neutered, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations, and with a personal folder containing health records, tags, literature and a video on how to best care for cats — and they even included a whole bag of cat food to get started. Not to mention the Christmas tree full of kitty stockings filled with cat toys from which to pick one and take along.

The caring attitude of the staff was very apparent — I made many visits to the cat room before I selected my new friend, and each time it was a very pleasant experience. The staff really cares about each and every animal, both physically and mentally. They spend time getting to know each one personally, and were able to offer me advice on each cat’s “cattitude” to help me make the right choice for a pet that would best suit our lifestyle. The cats get out every day for play time and are allowed to socialize with both humans and other cats. There are even portholes to allow the cats to roam back and forth from one kennel to the other and visit with one another. There is a large screened outdoor area for summer play time.

I have accompanied friends to the dog area of the facility, and the dogs are likewise given lots of mental and physical attention There are several dog walkers who volunteer their time each week to make sure the dogs have an opportunity to get out of their kennels and get some exercise.

We are fortunate to have such a fine facility in our community that does much more than just house animals and keep them off the streets. There are many loving animals there that need good homes.  Next time you are thinking about where you might donate some money to a very worthwhile cause, this is definitely one of them!

P.S. — The little kitten found by the dumpster at the high school formerly known as “Felix” (now “Wellington”) is alive, well and thriving in his new home.

Carol Stewart

This story was posted on February 7, 2013.