Dear Editor:

About the year 1900, Presbyterian Minister Rev. James R. Miller wrote that the ministry of kindness is unceasing — it keeps no Sabbaths — it makes every day a Sabbath. Out in the world, it goes everywhere — its gladness of heart, its uplift for those who are discouraged, strengthening words for those who are weary, its sympathy with sorrow and its interest in lives that are burdened and lonely. Everyone they meet carries away some cheer, some encouragement. But they themselves are unaware of the beneficence of their ministry.

He continued to write the following: Some of us, if we were to try to sum up the total of our usefulness, would name a few large things we have done — the giving of money, the starting of some good work that grew into strength, the writing of a book that has made us known, the winning of honor in some service to community or country. But, in every worthy life, that which has left the greatest amount of good is the ministry of kindness. No record of it has been kept, people have not talked about it, and it has never been mentioned in newspapers. But, where we have gone, day after day, if we have simply been kind to everyone, we have left blessings in the world which, in their sum, far exceed the goodness given by the few large, conspicuous things of which we think and speak with pride.

This ministry described over 100 years ago continues today. Do you know any of these folks? Of course, you do; they are in our neighborhoods, they are at the grocery store, the post office, the local shops, even on the streets as we walk by. Often, a simple smile and hello starts one’s heart singing. This is Pagosa!

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on July 11, 2013.