Ken earned vote

Dear Editor:

Ken Fox has earned our vote for another term because, during his first term, he has consistently demonstrated a keen regard for the best interests of all LPEA customers.

Ken has diligently served as a caring, considerate and constructive LPEA board member, with a thoughtful, inquiring passion always, first, considering “what’s in the best interests of the customers.”

Ken is fervently devoted to the task of helping the board wisely employ a discerning approach, as it strives to use more, financially prudent, renewable energy sources … thus avoiding unwarranted, long-term rate increases.

We’re pleased that cooperating to help get the Pagosa biomass plant on the grid and supporting efforts to tap Pagosa’s geothermal energy potential will continue to be two of Ken’s main interests during his second term.

Trendy ideological campaign pitches are not a part of his style. His voting record proves he appreciates that any vision-based opportunity being pursued by the board, must make sustainable business sense for the rate payers.

We trust Ken to continue as our director for another term; confident that he will always give LPEA customer’s financial interests top priority.

The ballots have arrived within the past few days … it’s time to make a choice, prior to the May 21 deadline.

We hope that you will vote to re-elect Ken Fox.

Jim and Ilene Hammack

This story was posted on May 8, 2014.