Dear Editor:

Judge Denvir has finally agreed to give up the bench from which he has presided for 20 years, I do not believe, he was ever elected or reelected, to hold that office according to Colorado law. Judges are supposed to be elected by the people of Colorado.

Judge Denvir may have held that job under the rules established in 1968, where the governor and general assembly created a government within the government with absolutely no authority to do so.

The Constitution can only be changed by the people. The government is a creation of the people, as such it has no sovereignty in itself and cannot make fundamental changes to the way it is going to operate without first being requested to do so by the people. The government is a corporation and its charter to operate is the Constitution.

All judges in every state are commanded by the supremacy clause of the United States Constitution to uphold the Constitution. The very first law of the United States commands that all members of the state legislatures, and all executive and judicial officers shall have an oath of office sworn to and recorded.

I have personally read Judge Denvir’s oath of office and it is not of the official format. I believe, all of our current elected government officers, do not have legitimate oaths of office and may be nothing more than imposters, when it comes down to the true authority of, we the people.

I have forwarded copies of documents from the Colorado state archives to prove what an official oath of office looks like and what it should state. As we move forward, if we the people have any hope of correcting the major problems in this country, we must demand that our public servants especially judges be honorable, moral and constitutionally knowledgeable people.

There are principles that the constitutions are based upon and agreed to, by the people, that made this state and country great. If you hold any office in this country, those principles and constitutions are what you must swear an oath to uphold from all enemies foreign and domestic.

The government is just a piece of paper, its offices are occupied by actors and agents. There are good actors and agents, and bad actors and agents.

Which do you want working for you?

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on August 21, 2014.