‘It is finished!’

By Richard Gammill
Special to The PREVIEW

From the cross came the exclamation, “It is finished!” The expression is quite different from the whimper that says, “I’m done.” The first phrase is a shout of triumph and must be written with an exclamation point. The second is the mournful sound of defeat.

Those who heard the shout must have been startled by the incongruity. The bloodied, pathetic figure on the cross was the very picture of ignominious defeat. Yet they heard a shout of victory: “Man has not kept me from completing what I came to do.”

A whimper might come from someone who tried very hard, yet was defeated by adverse circumstances. “I give up. It’s not worth trying anymore.” Defeat is nothing to shout about.

The circumstances can disguise the difference between victory and defeat. At the moment, the death of Jesus looked nothing like victory. Yet his death unleashed forces that changed the world and brought salvation to millions. Two thousand years later, the victory is still being played out.

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This story was posted on May 28, 2015.