Dear Editor:

Rita Mae Brown stated “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” The governments and the political parties have been doing this for many decades, and we allow it, so we must all be insane … and it seems we don’t care, despite proven solutions we’ve ignored for a 100 years. That’s the constitution in this republic… these united 50 States … creating prosperity over the first 150 years, (the results everyone wanted…) yet we’ve abandoned the very cause of our success and are now reaping what we have sown. No one is happy, but we do the same idiocy over and over, playing the “party” game, and believing there really is a tangible difference in results between ideologies of the two parties. It may “appear” there is a difference, but in truth, they are two faces on the same sick head, mouthing a difference, but playing the same unconstitutional games that make them all rich and enslaving the rest of us. Why can’t we admit our error and try stepping out of this matrix created for us to live in? We stand on the brink of economic ruin, society breaking down because the financial system is rigged against us all, and all of us facing, perhaps in the very near future … the collapse of the dollar … all because government will not step in to break this cycle of corruption and greed they benefit from. Are you ready for that collapse? Do you want that? Could you be ready in a matter of days? Are you ready now? What do you do without access to the bank or funds? We are the most “needy” and “dependent” generation this republic has ever seen, which make for a great control mechanism. The bottom line is if we are not able to take care of ourselves for 6-12 months without any infrastructure of support, then we are very vulnerable, especially to rapid change. (Hint, prepare …) Every nation in the history of the world has been subjected to rapid change which, because of being ill prepared, destroyed populations overnight. No one likes to hear about “doom and gloom,” but it is extremely foolish to trust in a system that has been established to control you. What better way to control a population than to remove all elements of self-sufficiency, and then pull the plug and ask them to dance to their master’s tune, or starve. My point is this; If we do not begin thinking outside the box … acting outside the deceptive matrix shell, quickly, we will only get more of the same misery, and history will declare us truly insane for not taking the logical and reasonable original path similar to what has proven to be successful throughout our history. I fear there will be a catastrophe soon, that will change things in a way even our great grandparents never experienced. It is inevitable on this path of destruction we blindly follow.

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.