Dear Editor:

Influence of non-elected individuals.

From the federal level down to special districts one sees the influence of non-elected individuals controlling the members of the governing body. On June 10, during this month’s meeting of the Aspen Springs metro board, I witnessed this activity firsthand, and not from the shadows, but right in front of the landowners present. Ronnie Zaday controlled, from the ranks of other landowners on the floor, the board by continually telling them what to do. She knows she can never be elected because of her past, still she can, and does, control the board from the front row, to the point of addressing the concerns of the other landowners who politely wait until the floor is opened for this activity. What has happened to Robert’s Rules of order? Ronnie, why can’t you just sit back and wait like the rest for the time allotted for each comment. Why not let the elected officials conduct the district’s business without your interference? They’re adults and capable of doing their jobs.

Doug Roberts

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.