Dear Editor:

As I read Mary Meyer’s letter in the Oct. 24 SUN about our fine postal service, I was not surprised. May I share my experience?

In May of 2006, we moved here and started building our home. We moved to another rental closer to our home that we were building. At that time, all mail delivery stopped, not even junk mail filled our box. After a week, I went down to the local post office and spoke with the man that headed the post office locally. He assured me that there was no problem. I said, “I am not even getting junk mail.” He said there is no problem.

At the end of week two after receiving no mail, not even junk mail, I went to the post office again and talked to the head guy again. Once again, he assured me that there was no problem, and he refused to even look into it. During the third week of not receiving mail, my daughter who was going to Pagosa High was called into the office to pick up her grade card that had been returned to the school as “Undeliverable.” With this piece of mail, I again went back to the post office and once again spoke to the top man there. Finally, he said it looks like there may be a problem. Talk about incompetence. Over the seven and a half years that we have lived here, we have received so much mail that is not ours. Also, whenever it rains or snows, our mail is soaked, as it must be at the bottom of the crate.

But, if you complain, nothing changes. Why, you might ask. They are federal workers and cannot be fired. In my opinion, most of these people would not make it in the private sector. I am self employed and if I ran my business as they run theirs, I would be out of business. But, no fear for them, as they cannot lose their job for incompetence; instead they get to retire much earlier and with much more than the private sector workers receive from Social Security.

So much for reaping what you sow.

Weldon Hunt

This story was posted on October 31, 2013.

One Response to Incompetance

  1. Inez

    October 31, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    Our local PO is a joke. They lose mail and place it in other boxes. They send mail back to senders when it has the correct address on it. They are slow and one certain person at the counter really doesnt care. There is a lack of concern for customer service. I am positive that if I performed the way they did, I wouldnt have a job.