Dear Editor:

You are to be congratulated on your excellent editorial in last week’s Pagosa SUN.

“According to recent evaluations, district schools are average at best in terms of academic performance. At the same time, an astonishing number of students are reported on the honor rolls. How can this be?”

If our memory is correct, this has been going on for several years.

The article “School district leadership lacks vision” in the 6/20/13 Pagosa SUN points out problems, but avoids the obvious conclusion it contained. (I don’t care if my kid goes to school in a tepee, as long as he gets a great education.)

We do not need to hire a professional firm to deal with public relations. The school board’s primary focus should be on improving the schools’ academic performance.

It will be very interesting to see if DeVoti’s essay answers the issues addressed in your well-thought-out editorial last week.

Arv and Carol Fisher

This story was posted on July 3, 2013.