Dear Editor:

A very important local election is just around the corner with two contested seats for our local school board. We are strongly in favor of Bruce Dryburgh and Brooks Lindner for these seats. Each of these gentlemen has a long history of commitment to education and understands its value in securing bright futures for our local children.

Bruce Dryburgh has been actively involved in local issues for many years, particularly, working on volunteer committees at PAWSD and Archuleta County schools. Bruce brings many important ingredients to any work session or board meeting. Bruce is always looking to anchor a discussion in the facts, and will put in hours of his own time to compile data and facts when needed. Bruce is also a great thinker, adding new ideas and alternative points of view to any discussion. Fact-based independent thinking will help the school board take our district to the next level of performance and accountability.

Brooks Lindner is a breath of fresh air and we are all fortunate that he is running for the school board. Brooks is an educator by training and has worked as a teacher in the district. He also has invaluable experience running his own company that develops educational materials for schools. Brooks has a fresh perspective on the educational process and has a way of bringing positive energy to things he is involved with. Given all the challenges schools face today, it is important to have someone on the board that understands the learning process and knows how to ensure that students receive a quality education.

Remember, this is a mail ballot that will come to you sometime the week of Oct. 20. If you live anywhere in the Archuleta County School district, you are able to vote for both candidates. Ballots must be completed and mailed in, or dropped by the courthouse, before Election Day Nov. 5. Vote for Bruce and Brooks.

Bob and Livia Lynch

This story was posted on October 10, 2013.