Human remains found on Mill Creek Road

The following is a statement from Archuleta County Undersheriff Tonya Hamilton:

“On August 23rd, 2016, members of the United States Forest Service were working in an area up Mill Creek Road when they discovered what appeared to be a human skull. They immediately left the area and contacted the Archuleta County Sheriff’s Department with the GPS coordinates of the location of their finding.
“That same evening, the ACSO put together a full Operations Plan which was implemented the following morning. Members of the Colorado Bureau of Investigations were contacted, along with the District Attorney’s Office and the Coroner’s Office.
“On August 24th, 2016, members of the ACSO, Coroner Keuning and the Colorado Bureau of Investigations followed members of the USFS back to the sight where the skull was found. A Command Center was set up and utility vehicles were enlisted. Investigators conducted a walk-through of the immediate area to determine the perimeter.
“On August 25, a thorough grid search was conducted. Sixty nine locations of potential items of interest were located. Fifty two items were collected, including pieces of clothing, a pair of shoes and sunglasses. The suspected human remains were turned over to Coroner Keuning, all of which will be sent to a Forensic Pathologist for further analysis. Some of the remaining items appearing to have significant evidentiary value will be sent to CBI.
“In a statement from Coroner Keuning given to Undersheriff Tonya Hamilton, Coroner Keuning confirmed that the remains were, in fact, human. The age, sex and identity are undetermined at this time as is the cause of death, however, a Forensic Examination will be conducted next week.
“If you believe you have any information regarding this investigation, please contact Detective Sergeant Warren Brown at 264-8499.”

This story was posted on August 25, 2016.