I would like to thank our county clerk, June Madrid, her office staff and all the election judges and other volunteers for the excellent job they did during the recent election.  It was a several month task to verify registrations, get out the mail-in ballots, test all the equipment, provide training for all the volunteers, run early voting, receive and record the mail-in and e-mail ballots, set up the Vote Centers, run the election, collect the ballots, count and recount everything, and provide the results in a timely manner. 

June’s office staff and the large group of volunteers (a collection of registered Unaffiliated, Democrat, and Republican voters) worked many long days to ensure that we were able to enjoy a well organized, efficiently run, fair, honest and open election here in Archuleta County — as opposed to the way the election was run in many places that we are now hearing about.

The following activities were conducted by the citizens of Archuleta to whom we owe our collective thanks for this well-run election: Staff Operations — June Madrid, Nana Bishop, Gabe Cersonsky (IT for County); Early Voting Board — Angel Stahr, Mary Lou Sprowle, Rebecca Herman; Mail-In Ballot Board — Jan Clinkenbeard, Denice Stacey, Margaret Pickett, Annette Uehling, Denyce McPeek; Vote Center 1 — Mary Ryals, Josiane Gonzalve-Hummel, John Hummel, John Bozek, Doris Lattin, Pat Everett; Vote Center 2 — Irene Muller, J.R. Ford, Debra Roddy, Robert Formwalt, Loretta Church, Natalie Woodruff (close and balance);  Vote Center 3 — Marilyn Harris, Pam Levonius, Ron Levonius, Dorothy George, Suzanne Gates: Counting Board — Marsha Preuit, Peggy Cotton, Noreen Griego; Miscellaneous other boards — Eleanor Shelton, Cheree Henderson, Annette DeGraaf, Melanie Kristy Arzu, Sally Alling, Robert Alling (set up and took down DRE’s and laptops); and Canvass Board — June Madrid, Noreen Griego, Nana Bishop, Rebecca Herman, David Butcher, Marsha Preuit, and Marilyn Harris.

This is the first time I have observed, or been involved in, the actual mechanics of running an election, and I have been impressed by the dedication and sustained efforts of all involved to make this election successful.

Jim Huffman

This story was posted on November 28, 2012.