Holiday dog and cat food drive underway

By Beverly Compton
Special to The SUN

Elk Park Animal Hospital in Pagosa Springs is hosting a holiday dog and cat food drive.

The first pickup on Nov. 19 was a success, with Dollar General gathering the largest amount of food and the Pagosa Springs Medical Center finishing a strong second. Thank you to all 13 locations that made the donation boxes available. The medical center gets an extra thank you because dog and cat food is not sold there and everyone who donated went to the trouble to bring the food to the center.  Organizers extend their appreciation to everyone who donated food at all of the locations.

The holidays are a tough time for many who struggle to simply have food on the table, and most have pets.  Those pets are in need of food, too.  Many dogs and cats are surrendered because the owners are unable to feed them.  Keeping those pets in their homes helps keep them safe and out of local shelters and rescues.  Many pet owners just need short-term help with food for themselves and their pets.

Our community has a big heart and does much for those who are struggling to make ends meet.  Often, helping someone with their pet motivates them to do more for themselves.

All dog and cat food donated will be distributed by the John Paul II Catholic Church on its Wednesday Food Bank day.  Donations in the drop boxes will be picked up again Monday, Dec. 17, when the donation boxes will be collected.  Dogs and cats that have not had good, regular meals do not need high quality, high nutritional food.  That level of food may make them sick.  Good quality, average-priced dog and cat food will suffice.

Drop box locations include Ace Hardware, Alco, Boot Hill, Critter Outfitter, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Eagle Mountain Mercantile, Pagosa Springs Medical Center, Town of Pagosa Springs, Pagosa Feed, Parelli corporate offices, the Ross Aragon Community Center and the Elk Park Animal Hospital.

For more information, contact Beverly at 731-6400.

This story was posted on November 29, 2012.