High IQ

Dear Editor:

Lest Pagosa SUN readers are duped by Mr. Blake’s assertion (SUN 12/27/12) that Fox News watchers have an average IQ of 80, permit me to offer a personal example to the contrary.

All of my family and friends watch Fox News and average IQs of 150. Among us are valedictorians, master degreed, church and community leaders, teachers, musicians, very highly-ranked military, policemen, business professionals, etc. This experience is replicated nationwide.

I challenged Mr. Blake to proffer documented, verifiable evidence of his assertion lacking which one would have to assume that it is a figment of his imagination or drivel expounded by the liberal media.

Mr. Blake’s typical criticism of the Tea Party and other “prophets of doom” as being unrealistic denies realistic facts. Does he not consider our current fiscal state of affairs as realistically worrisome? Is he happy to have our children and grandchildren saddled with a 20 trillion dollar debt from which they will not be able to extricate themselves? After promising to cut the deficit in half, President Obama increased it to one trillion dollars per year and portends a repeat in his second term and a debt ceiling increase.

Senator Reid called Rep. Boehner a dictator, but he and the president are the de facto dictators who have no use for the will of the electorate. For example, one million six hundred thousand citizens, I included, submitted personal petitions to the president and senate to repeal Obamacare. Receipt was not even acknowledged. They pursue only their wills.

Furthermore, violating the Constitution, for which he has no regard, the president submitted two late budgets, which were unanimously rejected by Congress as totally useless. The democratic senate has considered no budget in four years, while the republican house has submitted multiple budgets and bills which lie dormant on Reid’s desk not allowed by him to be brought to the senate floor for debate or vote. Yet he and the president irresponsibly blame republicans for the country’s ills.

What people were responsible for the re-election of the president? Typical is the lady who said she voted for Obama because he has all the money and she would get some. I wonder what her IQ is. Does Mr. Blake know or care where that money is, or isn’t?

To his credit, Mr. Blake acknowledged the need for religion. However, his 80 percent number actually refers to believers in God, not to active religious practitioners who number about 20 percent. Was President Obama correct in claiming that this is not a Christian country, and in canceling the annual national prayer breakfast, replacing it with a huge Muslim observance?

Is all this and much more okay with Mr. Blake (77 percent of Americans disapprove)? Or is there reason to worry, or more importantly to elect officials who would enact positive and constructive measures which this president and senate have shown no propensity for doing? Perhaps Mr. Blake should watch Fox News to get the facts straight.

Eugene Witkowski

This story was posted on January 10, 2013.