Dear Editor:

So, how about this for local heroes. Devyn Doctor — she is 16 —and Jacquelyn Garcia, who is 15.

After Scott Kay’s sad death caused by an avalanche, Devyn decided to have a fund-raiser. She wanted to help young people learn the joy of skiing. Now you understand I didn’t know Scott, nor have I ever skied, but I was so taken by the idea of a young teenager taking on this responsibility that when I read that Devyn and others were going to show this wild movie about extreme skiing, Ron and I decided to be in the audience. Jacquelyn came on board, they charged $10 a person, and all of the money will be used to expose the very young to this wonderful sport.

Thanks to all the businesses involved in skiing; there were quality prizes given to many members of the audience, and there were lots of people in attendance.

So, heroes come in all shapes and sizes and they are all over the place, and in their giving ways they make Pagosa a beautiful place in which to live.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on November 28, 2012.