Help when you least expect it

By Jessica Tanner
Special to The PREVIEW

Our lives are observed by others. It’s how they see us when we aren’t thinking about it. We could be in the grocery store with a long list, mumbling to ourselves over and over under our breath. Or we could be at the park or in the river. We could even be in the theater and excited to watch the latest movie. Absorbed in activities like these, we are seen by others and God.

My mom and I heard the flowers were in at Walmart the other day and decided to check them out. I picked up some cute little yellow flowers. Mom sent me to get a cart to hold our finds. I went to the front and grabbed a cart. In my rush, I didn’t pay attention to where I set the flowers. The flowers tumbled to the floor and potting soil spilled everywhere. I began to clean it up. I felt like an idiot.

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This story was posted on May 19, 2016.