Health center

Dear Editor:

A child’s health is primarily the responsibility of parents, and we see little reason for the school to usurp this. It sounds like the school is trying to start an unnecessary program, and then build a small empire to support on-site attention for the approximately 16 percent of the time the child is at school during a calendar year. Parents take care of their children’s health the other 84 percent of the year when they are not in school.

The state’s (taxpayers’) $400,000 grant is just the start of expenses to be incurred in the project, and should not be a temptation to jump into this. And the $400,000 is not guaranteed.

From what we have read and heard in the past, the academic performance of the school system needs substantial improvement. It seems to us the time and money spent on a School-Based Health Center would be better spent on the primary purpose of the school: education.

Arv and Carol Fisher

This story was posted on August 21, 2014.