Harman Museum

Dear Editor:

The Board of Directors of the Fred Harman Art Museum met and discussed the letter written by Maureen Balog, which was published in The SUN on Jan. 3, 2013, regarding our pending foreclosure.

We are so grateful to Ms. Balog for her concerns regarding Red Ryder and thank her so much for taking the time to write.

There was some mis-information regarding the foreclosure proceedings she mentioned.  The museum is not in danger of foreclosure nor is the Harman home.  The foreclosure refers only to the unsold lots in the Harman Park Subdivision.

The board would be grateful for any fund-raising activities to help keep the museum open, but want to reassure all our friends that the building does not face foreclosure.  We are planning a Local Appreciation Day again this year, which will be held on May 25 to honor Fred’s 86th  birthday and to give free admission and gifts to all locals who visit us that day.

Virginia Bartlett, Joyce Ramberg, Bob Hite, Marilyn Harris, Norma and Fred Harman — directors

This story was posted on January 24, 2013.