Hard to believe

Dear Editor:

Hard to believe that we have a newspaper without Karl Isberg — hard to believe that soon we will have a chamber without Mary Jo. Hard to believe that the town council actually authorized a raise for Dave Mitchem who (rumor has it) has applied for jobs elsewhere — and has been rejected. Why don’t we learn? You, on the town council, have had the opportunity to remedy this situation and you chose to ignore it before and now you present Mr. Mitchem with a raise?

It is also hard to believe that our precious Liberty Theatre might go dark. We are trying to arrange a fund-raiser (or two or three) to help Monaco so he can bring his equipment up to date. Crowd funding would be one way to try to raise money.

We went to see “Boeing, Boeing” at the Center for the Arts, and I laughed so hard I could not catch my breath at times. We should thank David Stuard for showing us what really top drawer dining could be before he and his sweet wife had to go to a lower elevation for health reasons. Good things are happening with Tim Sullivan and others giving us danceable music at Nello’s again. Imagine a pond hockey tournament with teams coming from all over the place. Wow, I can’t wait.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on January 16, 2014.