Hard choices

Dear Editor:

You’ve likely heard by now that Hillary Clinton has written yet another book. It’s due to be released in June and is titled Hard Choices. Hillary says life is about making hard choices and “how we handle them shape the people we become.”

It appears to be no accident that this book is coming out as Hillary allegedly wrestles with a decision on whether to make a run for the presidency in 2016. And if she should decide to run, this book no doubt will focus on many of her decisions and what she will term her many “successes” during her four years as Secretary of State. Hillary (and Bill) believe she is the most qualified candidate the Democrats can nominate in 2016, although most political pundits and even many of her loyal supporters in the mainstream media have difficulty in identifying any meaningful accomplishments.

While she reportedly visited over 100 countries and traveled about a million miles during her stint, this has largely just contributed to our growing deficit. Her frenetic flights and meetings with her counterparts in places like Russia, Syria and Iran, not to mention her many meetings with allies around the world, many of whom no longer trust us, merely served to assuage her ego and thirst for recognition.

Some of her more meaningful “accomplishments,” were the debacle in Benghazi and the farcical “Reset” in relations with Vladimir Putin. She has recently made the admission that Benghazi was very “painful” for her but it certainly wasn’t as painful for her as it was for the four Americans who were killed there. The Reset with Putin has led to the situation in Crimea and Ukraine and put a tremendous strain on our alliances in Europe. Nevertheless, you can be sure she will make excuses for these failures in her book and the mainstream media will fall into line and help her in establishing that she has what her publisher calls a “master class in international relations.” Just like Obama, you might say …

If you think things are a mess in our country now, just wait until Hillary takes over.

Gary Stansbury

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.