Good work

Dear Editor:

Do you know Bob Hemenger? If not, you should; he is quite a guy — a first class saxophone player. His Americana Project at the high school is outstanding and it is a neat thing that the school can find the funding to keep this class going. Their concerts are interesting as you see the students testing the waters with their original music. Bob is so patient and has so much to teach these young people.

And what about Tari Woods and her wonderful committee. With unbelievable work and generosity of businesses, they raised over $29,000 for the hospital. The Heart Beat Ball was held at the Center for the Arts.

There is one other thing I would like to mention. I wonder where David Mitchem is these days.

I wonder what else he can do to drive new businesses out west. What a shame the work being done at the lodge, could have been done downtown to help revitalization. Now there are some new groups tackling this project, so good luck to Udgar Parsons and the others who have come through to work on new ideas.

Congratulations to The SUN as everyone won awards for their work. I happen to love this paper, so I am not surprised at this news.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on March 7, 2013.