Good old days

Dear Editor:

Thirty years ago, my family purchased a three-acre lot in town (Piedra Estates). We were told at that time by the developer and town that our road would be paved. Here we are 30-plus years, and as many promises, later and still no pavement. They have been good about dust abatement, though. They have probably spent enough money on magnesium chloride to pave five miles of road. We notice how nice the downtown area looks with its new paving, fences, sidewalks, walking paths and even a new gazebo where we already had one. A new footbridge, too. Isn’t it odd that so many of our tax dollars go downtown?

Now, they want to build an amusement park on a beautiful hill downtown. Something that most people don’t even want or can afford.

We need to take our town back. It’s being run like the idiots in Washington. Let’s get back to the good old days and stop the good old boy stuff.

Jim Kelley

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.