Golden rule

Dear Editor:

This letter is in reference to the plight of Steve and Ohea Graham, my friends and neighbors. How incredibly distressing and disappointing it is to see our local government treat honest, hard working citizens of good faith in such a callous manner. But it’s a logical consequence to a bad beginning. A failed process, that is the town’s inability to build its own wastewater treatment facility, continues to bring unwelcome fallout. Instead of owning up to mistakes made while trying to secure easement agreements and doing the right thing, we are now resorting to heavy handed power plays. We created a scapegoat and then compound the offense by painting him black.

By way of analogy, if you fall asleep at the wheel and run into someone, do you sue him for getting in your way, even if he was speeding?

Some believe that the common good is being served by exercising the power of position. And it may, for a time, alleviate a practical, civic problem we all share. But the question remains: does it do greater harm to us in an intangible manner by diminishing our humanity and abasing what it means to be a community?

We can go against common sense and the natural law for a time, but in the end it will come back to haunt us. I’m speaking specifically about gravity (water flows downhill) and treating others as you would like to be treated.

Mark Bergon

This story was posted on August 22, 2013.