Going digital

Dear Editor:

As many SUN readers know, the movie industry is beginning to release films only in a digital format, resulting in many small community theaters closing across the country because of the huge expense of converting their equipment from 35 mm film. We do not want that to happen to our Liberty Theatre here in Pagosa Springs because it is our only movie theater option that does not involve a 120 mile round trip.

A totally new fundraising campaign has been launched to raise the necessary funds to convert the Liberty Theatre so that it is equipped to show digital movies. Thanks to promised grants, the goal is now $23,000, a much more attainable amount. The deadline for raising these funds is March 11.

Importantly, you will be pleased to know that Mark Monaco, the owner, has incorporated two major changes to his fundraising campaign as a result of feedback from his first unsuccessful effort:

1) Donations will be accepted by check via the Pagosa Springs Community Development Corporation (CDC). If this is your preferred route, you do not need to go through the Community Fund website using your credit card — although you may want to visit the site to review the rewards for various sized donations. To get straight to the Liberty Theatre page, go to http://communityfunded.com/projects/digitalconversion/save-the-liberty-theatre/ and then click on Rewards.

2) This new partnership with the CDC provides significant tax benefits to donors — not only “normal” tax deductions but also a special Colorado 25 percent tax credit for donations of $300 or more — because the CDC is a 501(c)(3) IRS-approved nonprofit and also an approved Enhanced Rural Enterprise Zone, designed to encourage investment and job creation in economically distressed areas. Make checks payable to Pagosa Springs CDC. Note Liberty Theatre and your rewards choice on the memo line —plus your tax ID (SS No.) if your donation is $300 or more. Mail to Pagosa Springs CDC, P.O. Box 1183, Pagosa Springs CO 81147. Include return address, phone number and/or e-mail.

As was true in the first campaign, no checks will be cashed or credit cards processed until and unless the fundraising goal is reached by March 11. If the goal is not reached, your check will be returned.

Mark has chatted with the owner of the Salida theatre, who told him that it took them two trys to reach their goal. Let’s hope this “second time around” plan works for us in Pagosa.

As you contemplate whether or not to donate, I hope you will consider that having to drive to Durango to see a film in a movie theater is not only an inconvenience but also a significant economic loss to Pagosa in the form of movie ticket sales and related gas purchases, restaurant visits, shopping, etc.

Please help us keep downtown attractive to locals and visitors alike.

Carole Howard

This story was posted on February 13, 2014.

One Response to Going digital

  1. Ray Reddington

    February 14, 2014 at 7:52 pm

    Why can’t he take out a loan like most businesses (including mine) do when they need some extra funds to keep operating? He must have seen the writing on the wall a few years back. Couldn’t he have planned better and set funds aside? Isn’t the Pagosa Springs Humane Society more deserving of your donations than some private, for-profit business?