Dear Editor:

It’s only days now till Dr. Jim Pruitt leaves his medical practice of thirty-plus years here in Pagosa. I have lived here twenty-nine years, and although Mark Weinpahl was my primary care doctor until he moved, my now-deceased husband, Stan, and I saw Jim many times over the years, Dr. Pruitt has ministered to me and to my immediate and extended family in ways that far surpassed what was expected of him, and there was never a question but that he did it with a heart of love and genuine concern.

Dr. Pruitt’s retirement will leave a tremendous void in the lives of us who call him “Doctor and friend.” Although I am thankful for our hospital and new clinic and the doctors and other professionals who serve us there, the wealth of knowledge and experience will not soon be attained by those who follow after him! What a true gift from God Dr. Jim Pruitt has been to our small mountain community! Although I am sad to see him go, I wish him the very, very best in the years to come.

Beverly Haynes

This story was posted on June 27, 2013.