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R.I.P. Karl Isberg

PREVIEW photos/Randi Pierce and Terri House

Community members turned out to celebrate Karl Isberg’s retirement from The Pagosa Springs SUN on Dec. 26. Isberg began working at the newspaper in 1987 as a writer and columnist, and went on to become editor in 2001.

This story was posted on January 2, 2014.
  • Ray Reddington

    R.I.P.? Is he dead?

  • Val Valentine

    Hopefully, in retirement, Karl’s ink will continue
    to flow for a long, long time, and we may be treated with an ocassional guest editorial in the future. Good fortune, Karl. Stay grateful my friend.

  • littledrummerboy

    i guess he is dead and/or retired.

  • Steve Sullivan

    Just like his letters to the editor,,,,,I wonder what source Sawicki managed to plagiarize his t-shirt from.