Front page news

Dear Editor:

Well, to be quite honest, what makes having to upgrade the theater any different from having to upgrade another business?

Why is it all of a sudden the community’s responsibility to upgrade a privately owned business?

No one is helping the towns restaurants, hotels, retail shops, etc. that are privately owned, to upgrade their facilities.

I own businesses in town that were either closed down when I bought them, or failing to the point of having to shut their doors without a buyer, and the town, county, state or federal governments wouldn’t give me a dime to put in the necessary equipment required to operate in order to generate a profit.

By the way — mine are all businesses that have either been in Pagosa for over 50 years or resemble the only business of its type here. The owners of the theater need to show a little responsibility and either go to a local bank for the assistance, or sell the theater to someone that is willing to commit to the upgrades the film industry now requires.

It is not The Pagosa SUN’s job to advertise, lobby or beg for handouts so that a privately owned (for profit) theater can avoid upgrade costs. Every business has upgrade expenses and those costs should be budgeted for. Bottom line.

By the way, if the theater has to “close,” then the current owners will obviously be selling it. Since it is not currently on the market, they must be doing just fine.

Good job Pagosa SUN! This is not front page “newsworthy”. New owners that accept the financial responsibility of adapting to the movie industry’s required equipment in order to make a profit, now that would be front page news.

Matthew R. Boyle

This story was posted on January 30, 2014.