Fresh air

Dear Editor:

Sal Pace, who is running for the District 3 seat in the US House of Representatives, supports a reasonable approach to our national problems. While serving in the Colorado House as minority leader, Sal worked across party lines to get things done.

Recently, during a Sept. 8 debate between District 3 candidates in Alamosa, when Sal was stating how necessary it was that there be more bipartisanship in government, Rep. Tipton replied that now is not the time to get along! Really? Does he not see how gridlock prevents taking action to help those who are in need? (See the entire debate at

Sal, on the other hand, has spent his term in the state Legislature focusing on finding, “common ground, rather than vilifying the other party.” He actually believes that good ideas can come from either party, and that, with perseverance, areas of agreement can be found. “After all, an elected official should be fighting for their constituents ahead of their own party. If everyone had this focus in Washington, D.C., then I think Congress could be putting people back to work and rebuilding the middle class. This is an approach I will take when elected to Congress.” (

On the surface, it seems like such an extraordinary statement to think first of one’s constituents, but it’s only extraordinary in the light of the current extremist opposition, where “no” is the only method of operation. In fact, though, Sal’s approach to problem solving is exactly what it should be: fair, measured, rational. In Washington, he will be a breath of fresh air.

Becky Herman

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.