Free stuff

Dear Editor:

Al Qaeda is alive, and Hostess is dead. Jihad survives, and I can’t git ma Twinkie fix. Thankfully, I have access ta some coffee and Subway cookies!

Hostess sent employees at its 33 factories home and suspended operations. Because the union refused to make a single concession.

The union patted itself on the back: “Throughout this long and difficult process, our members showed tremendous courage, solidarity, and devotion to principle. They were well aware of the potential consequences of their actions but stood strong for dignity, justice and respect.”

Well, congratulations. Thanks to your “courage,” bye-bye 18,500 jobs.

However, it’s not surprising. In the “new normal,” Hostess is just one of many, many companies pulling the plug due to rapacious liberalism. Right now, anticipating the ruinous Obama taxes and regulations coming their way, businesses are hemorrhaging jobs. They are in triage mode, teetering, bailing as fast as they can to try to avoid going under.

This is what you get with liberalism. Parasitism, greed, punishment of achievement, resentment, scarcity and poverty.

It’s not difficult to see that Democrats today are liberals. We would have never elected — or re-elected — Obama if people understood liberalism. No one who understood liberalism would have fallen for the myth that was Obama — they would have known from Day 1 that it was all lies. If folks understood liberalism, everybody would have known that the last four years were going to pan out exactly as they did, that unemployment was going to rise, the government would get bigger, the private sector would get smaller, unemployment would skyrocket, poverty would increase, income would decrease. If voters just understood who these people are, and have the courage to believe it, we would never elect another one.

Their entire agenda is power. Ask yourself: Why in the world is Obama in charge of Americans’ health care? What is his experience, his education, in the field? What are his talents, his abilities with regard to medicine? The answer is zip — zero.

What experience, knowledge does Obama have when it comes to business? None. It’s about power. It’s hubris, arrogance. Liberals know better than you do. They have an inherent distrust of ordinary Americans, distrust of the private sector, inherent distrust of the traditions and institutions that have made America great.

I think the reason many of those who vote Democrat do so for Democrat promises. Free stuff. It’s hard ta compete with Santa Claus — Baracka Claus — especially when the alternative message is you have to be your own Santa Claus.

Until folks understand that big government reduces prosperity for all, they’ll continue to be fooled. But I’m optimistic that ultimately they will learn who liberals are — and recognize that the promises are lies, the “free stuff” is theft, creating nothing but poverty and misery. The antidote to what is being done to this country is full-fledged conservatism. I’m not afraid to say so. Fear of the truth is only causing all of us to lose.

Jim Sawicki

Editor’s note: Unions made major concessions as part of the process that brought Hostess out of bankruptcy in 2009. While the bakers’ union did refuse to make concessions recently, it was two hedge funds (“distressed debt investors”), Silver Point and Monarch, that pulled the plug on the company. 

This story was posted on January 31, 2013.