Fox for LPEA

Dear Editor:

Our District 1 LPEA board representative Ken Fox is seeking reelection, and I whole-heartedly support his continued service on behalf of LPEA customers in Archuleta County.

Ken has served the LPEA community for three years with great diligence. His progressive yet reasonable energy philosophy and his contributions to the LPEA board and its policies reflect a mindset of sincere concern regarding appropriate guidance of our southwest Colorado energy initiatives in what has become a dynamic era for energy providers and consumers alike. His knowledge and participation in the ongoing complaint to the Public Utilities Commission regarding the Tri-State rate structure will be vital going forward. Ken is also particularly interested in promoting Pagosa’s potential to generate electricity from both biomass and geothermal resources — clearly our local green options of choice to bolster LPEA’s traditional coal-based energy production.

Importantly, Ken exemplifies the fundamental and essential qualities necessary for LPEA board service, namely insightfulness, focus, critical thought and knowledge of our local energy landscape and economy. Perhaps most relevant, however, is Ken’s unsurpassed integrity, common sense, and dedication to purpose, attributes that are especially relevant to this particular LPEA board election.

Ken is genuinely interested in serving our LPEA district; his core values are reflected in that service-oriented attitude, and he is not a servant of special interests or political action groups. Ken’s life as a whole, including a distinguished career as an Air Force officer, as well as his experience gained from service on the Archuleta school board and LPEA board have enabled him to sculpt and nurture an overall vision for LPEA’s future as well as oversee the vital tasks concerning day-to-day LPEA operations. Indeed his service on the LPEA board clearly underscores his qualities as a fair-minded and team-oriented leader who acts in the best interests of LPEA customers.

Ken is the experienced guy we need to continue in service on this important southwest Colorado board.

Tim Taylor

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.