Dear Editor:

What happened to the fountain in Pinon Lake? It stopped just like that. I just read the Aug. 30 letter from Dawn Robel regarding the special swing stolen in Yamaguchi Park. It was the most poignant, well written letter and I would like to know if the swing was every returned.

Pagosa made the big time news, and not because of a new amusement park on Reservoir Hill, not because of a new aggressive type of advertising, not because of any form of politics, but because of a young girl, Sierra Downing, and her miraculous recovery from bubonic plague and the two wonderful Denver doctors who saved her life. This entire community should make the news also because once again, we all came through with outstretched arms showing how much we care for each other. There are so many angels involved in this story, many of who wish to remain anonymous.

This has been an overwhelming experience for this wonderful family and the rest of us are fortunate to have been given the opportunity to help.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on October 10, 2012.