Dear Editor:

It has been a few weeks since the election and the result, for me, was wonderful news due to all the time and effort that many people put in — from gathering signatures for the petition to campaigning to get people out to vote.

Voting is a privilege that helps us speak to our community and to our leaders.  To me the community spoke; they want a say in what happens in our town park. Thank you all for coming out to vote, mailing in your ballots and being a voice.

I think we have been heard loud and clear and I suspect things will progress in a more democratic way. Yes, Darrel Cotton, we are a democracy and the mob won’t take over and try to rule, but now you and others will have to think about all the people you represent and not just a select few.

I enjoyed the process of being involved and meeting many people walking around the neighborhoods. I like being a part of something for my family’s future and realized that my vision is shared by more folks than I suspected.

Things that I personally want for our future are a public swimming pool (like Durango, but on a smaller scale) for families to enjoy; for Reservoir Hill to have a stage and facility for all to use; an observation deck and more trails that bring people out into nature; our downtown to continue to thrive with active people that see Pagosa’s downtown as a place where they can partake in recreation, get physical and healthy, eat good food, shop and enjoy a good long soak.

I realize I am new to this community and that people have worked well together for years with lots of successful ventures, so I mean no disrespect to all those efforts, but I am excited to move forward in a more positive and cooperative way with respect to our parks and recreational options within the town limits.

Christine Funk

This story was posted on May 9, 2013.