Dear Editor:

If “our children are our future,” we need to select members of the Archuleta County School Board who are themselves educated in the art of teaching, and who have shown their lives to be dedicated to that end.

We are very fortunate to have such an individual in our midst and equally lucky that he is willing to share his expertise with us. Brooks Lindner has devoted his life to teaching; to writing text books utilized in many schools; has had hands-on teaching experience in schools; and is willing and anxious to lend his talents to lead the students in this county in the acquisition and application of knowledge, in his position as a school board member.

Brooks Lindner wants to work with parents and children of this county to achieve the development of the potential of our students to the improvement of themselves and this county.

I ask for your vote for Brooks Lindner for Archuleta County School Board member and know you will be pleased with the results of his election.

Jane Lomasney

This story was posted on October 24, 2013.