Forest health

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, July 19, local residents will have the opportunity to learn more about the forests that make our backyards beautiful through Citizen Science Forest Monitoring. Those attending will learn from regional experts about how to measure forest health and what it means to your community.

A healthy forest can withstand insect attacks and wildfire as well as provide us with clean water. But how do you determine the overall health of a forest?

One of the goals of the San Juan Headwaters Forest Health Partnership is to increase public knowledge of the condition of our local forests. This past spring, Pagosa Springs High School students gathered and analyzed forest health data and presented the results to the Forest Health Partnership. The Forest Health Partnership would like to expand the data collection effort to interested citizens in a growing effort called Citizen Science.

If more citizens become knowledgeable about forest health issues, our backyards will remain beautiful for future generations. For more information about the event, visit

J.D. Kurz

This story was posted on July 10, 2014.