For the kids

Dear Editor:

I was born and raised in Pagosa Springs, as were generations of my family before me. I truly love this place. It is my home. I want it to be better for my nieces and nephews and their friends. I want them to stay here, find happiness and have kids of their own here. I hope future generations of my family stay, make their home in Pagosa and love it like I do. I would like to leave Pagosa better for the kids.

I believe a nice recreation center would be good for the community and I believe we deserve it. Other communities have found it great. I would use it myself, especially in the winter to walk in a safe, ice-free place while watching the kids play basketball in the court below. I could walk with my friends and find out what is going on with their lives too. I believe it would bring our Town together and make us more of a real community.

But mostly, I would like a recreation center for the kids. Kids need to be able to laugh and to play with their friends in a fun and safe environment away from home. They would really love the lazy river, workout room and gym. It will give us space for more sports programs without keeping the kids out until 9 at night or having to cancel programs because there isn’t enough gym space.

I have found out that the revenue bond is self-funding. Some say there is massive debt and predict disaster, but to my mind, for the 1 cent extra on every dollar I spend, we will get a recreation center entirely paid for and leave something special for the kids. I will vote “yes” and, if you love our kids like I do, you should too.

Leroy Lucero

This story was posted on March 20, 2014.