Food warning

Dear Editor:

There’s a lot of noise about our food sources nowadays. Most people are not aware of what’s going on.

Many bodies are breaking down. Our lifestyles are not as physically active, which compounds the problem.

People are dying in greater numbers of diabetes, cancer, heart failure, strokes and organ failures. What’s happening? Many are living with pain, candida and fibromyalgia. I conclude it’s the poor quality of our food sources that are not nourishing our bodies enough. Look at allergies, obesity, fatigue and viruses. It’s because our food isn’t giving us what our bodies need.

We recently went to the library and checked out a documentary on Monsanto food producers. It was a PBS TV special on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). It told us about their manipulation of cell structure. Another film, “The Future of Food,” told us the FDA is also a part of this food conspiracy, as they approved the degradation of food quality.

Examples are MSG (monosodium glutamate) now recognized as a cancer causer. Europe has banned MSG due to this. Other poisons are the excitotoxins of sulfates (soap), nitrates and nitrites, all legalized by the FDA.

One of the biggest offenders is high fructose corn syrup. It is a very sweet tasting chemical byproduct of corn. Once eaten, it clings to a person’s stomach and is almost impossible to remove. The FDA recently allowed food producers to call it just “corn syrup” and is possibly the biggest contributor to obesity in America.

Then we have hydrogenated oils, actually a wax. Wax doesn’t leave the body.

Let’s wake up and act before we’re all poisoned, living with fat, toxins and pain. Do you know it’s almost impossible to lose weight from eating GMOs and these food additives?

The meats are full of antibiotics, hormones, preservatives, coloring and artificial flavors that lead to prostate enlargement. My husband switched to grass fed, non-GMO meats and is now living a life without pain.

It is time for us, the consumer, to take action. Consider eating less food, eliminating GMOs and avoid exitotoxins. Also eat organically grown foods.

Watch out for “natural” labeled foods also, that term’s been legally manipulated to include processed food.

The Bible says in Deuteronomy 22:9, you shall not sow your vineyard with 2 kinds of seed, lest all the produce of the seed sown becomes defiled. Many hybrid seeds are not good for you, defiled. Heirloom seeds are pure, most GMO seeds will not produce growth, they’re dead, so you have to buy seeds every year from the seed suppliers.

One last note, bleached enriched flour and processed sugar have been found to be the main culprit causing heart attacks and strokes.

You can contact Pagosa Springs Wellness Center to find a solution to weight control and health solutions, if you’re interested.

Be skeptical: read labels, buy organic and raise your own victory garden.

You’ll be a victor. Not a victim.

BJ Bogard

This story was posted on February 13, 2014.

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  1. ILLbutawake

    February 13, 2014 at 4:14 pm

    The candida can become impossible to kill due to a symbiotic relationship between parasitic illness and candida. The glycocalyx, or biofilm layer of the parasite, whichever it has, works in conjunction with the biofilm to protect against single line treatments. If tapeworm is the culprit, standard candida treatments will not kill the cysticerci, and it could be the cause of stubborn unkillable rampant yeast infections. The higher levels of TNF-alpha cause muscle wasting and increase risk of future lumphoma/leukemia. All these pain relieving pharms tend to target TNF-alpha, but so do extracts of coffee, oregano, clove, and chocolate if memory serves. By the way, TNF-alpha is spiked by a NUMBER of parasitic illnesses, which western medicine has ignored for the purpose of a health monopoly from other illnesses parasites cause, such as “mimicked” autoimmune disease. Where did all this autoimmune disease spring from and how much money do they make from it? Dr. Hulda Clark tried to wake a few people up and was kicked to Tijuana, where she died. Even ELISA tests aren’t highly accurate, so testing is almost a wash.