Food ingredients

Dear Editor:

Our first food warning showed that the food contained a lot of chemicals to enhance excitement in flavoring, but there’s other concerns for our food that is causing adverse reactions, especially in older people. It seems pain from fibromyalgia, which is a byproduct of candida. This is a condition caused from yeast and sugar. Observing ingredients in soup and many foods, it’s used as an excitotoxin, once the yeast is growing in the body, it takes three to four weeks to clean out. Since sugar is present in most foods, it causes even more candida, which stops any dissipation of yeast. It’s almost impossible to cleanse out.

Most people are aware of poisons in our food, but don’t seem to be alarmed enough to boycott these products. They don’t grasp they are destroying themselves, and in time will suffer pain and body breakdown.

Some more examples are aspartame, a sweetener that attacks the brain resulting in memory loss and brain damage. This is in most diet soft drinks. Why do people continue to destroy their brains? Another is glycol, to provide a syrupy consistency like sugar, it’s anti-freeze. We had a mechanic friend whose dog drank antifreeze while he was working on a car. The dog died … and now it’s in a lot of energy drinks. Wake up people, you’re human, not lizards that can live on polluted water, air and food.

Trans fats are being removed now from food, thank heaven, that’s another form of unedible oil, like motor oil. Our fruits and vegetables are all coated with pesticides, rinsing alone doesn’t remove it, you need lemon juice to cut it. Those nice lemons and limes you use in your water, if you drop the rinds into your drink, are pesticide soaked, pure poison.

I’ve been told that yogurt isn’t yogurt, unless it’s Greek yogurt. The non-Greek yogurt is some enzymef milk product that has half the protein.

If you care to live without pain, poison and problems, you’d best get smart by watching your FDA approved food ingredients. You’re not being protected from contamination. We need to burn off the fat and poisons. Stop eating and drinking just anything, cut out sugar and bleached flour. Wouldn’t you want to live a better quality of life?

Your pets are being poisoned too, kidney failures with early deaths. Most treats are drugs (toxins) for animals.

B.J. Bogard

This story was posted on May 15, 2014.