Follow the lead

Dear Editor:

I’ve been wondering, does communism really exist today and if so, what/where is it? That’s a serious question because so many facets of what we like to slur others with we use daily just to live. So what do I know about communism … traveling for multinational’s, I was in and out of what was called the Soviet Union. I never saw a more depressed and polluted land, dysfunctional system or horribly distressed people and cities. Several times I was asked about economic opportunities in Russia, I always said don’t be charmed out of your money because the Russian culture and territorial aspirations runs very very deep. Today, Putin, a warmed over KGB thug, wants to reestablish the “Slavic Union” based on Russia’s incredible energy resources.

So does communism exist today … or is it just an expired boogeyman for our relic rightwing nuts? Let’s let you answer this question based on religious history … Christianity is often seen as a driver for western capitalism. But what about Christ … we will never know what he actually said as anything attributed to him wasn’t scribed for at least a hundred years after he died; and at least third hand because most of his Apostles were illiterate. However, we can place some “faith” in the descriptions of his actions. We know he fed the poor, threw the money lenders out of the temple and heeled the sick. Simplistic you say, the current Pope at his New Year (2013) Mass echoed Christ’s actions … by deploring “hotbeds of tension and conflict caused by growing instances of inequality between rich and poor” … “the prevalence of a selfish and individualistic mindset which also finds expression in an unregulated financial capitalism” … and no … relic right wingnuts, the vicar isn’t your type of communist but he does see man in a communal sense.

So be honest, if a capitalist (right) and a communist (left) were sitting in the same church pew for the same service (think national economy) could you distinguish one-from-the-other? Probably not but you still have China, or maybe not the US intelligence report just said China will pass the US in capital based economic success by 2020 not to mention their debt ratio. So how does that jive with Marx’s slogan: to those according to their need and from those according to their ability. Well … there’s still America’s various gov’ts who fund all public/welfare services (city/county/state/federal) by a progressive income and/or property tax … hmmm, thank God for tax deductions.

Still doubt the “Looking Glass” exists, one of our more prominent and astute Republicans, the Chairman of EXXON has joined a lawsuit to prevent fracking (oil and gas exploration) next to his $5 million home in Texas for all the same reasons the “bad” protestor’s use. Still in doubt, the latest rubic cube political tape to help Republicans for the coming U.S. Presidential election campaign deals only with income mobility … guess they forgot the other half of the equation … income inequality … or immigration or not to mention the crying demand for educational improvements. All the while, these same political wizards are mumbling … and … and … and, ya know, “Obama Care” is the law of the land … cake and eat it too.

So why not follow the Vicar of Christ’s lead and just be simplistic, “heeling the sick” could well be saving the nation.

Dave Blake

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.