Final weekend for ‘Hidden’

By Tim Moore
Special to The PREVIEW

Photo courtesy Doug Chapin The cast of “Hidden” performs one final weekend, May 24-26, at Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Photo courtesy Doug Chapin
The cast of “Hidden” performs one final weekend, May 24-26, at Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts.

Have you seen “Hidden” yet?

Thingamajig Theatre Company’s final play of the 2012-2013 season runs one final weekend May 24-16.

The play features seven lives intersecting, inspired by the true stories of rescuers and hidden children in Nazi-occupied Holland. The voices of the oppressed, the oppressors, and the quiet heroes come together to share their bold stories of defiance in this eloquent play celebrating hope and humanity — and the hidden courage inside us all.

The 90-minute, one-act drama asks the simple question, “What would you do?” It speaks to the issue of character and examines who we really are. Colorado playwrights Christopher Willard and Jamie Bruss began researching the topic after reading several articles about the rescuers of Jews during the occupation of Europe. The play brings a unique perspective not offered in the many stories from the Holocaust.

As Willard points out, “The point of view is exclusively that of the occupied. They are the rescuers, those who were rescued, those who turned away.  There are no Germans in the play.  We do not show the camps. We do not dwell on the sadness of the situation.  These are people who are trying to go on living, who are wrestling with their consciences, who are shown their true character gradually — or sometimes suddenly — or sometimes in the last hour.”

“Patron response has been overwhelmingly positive,” remarks Laura Moore, director and cast member in the show. “It’s understandable for people to feel skeptical about attending a show they believe will be ‘depressing.’ I’m so pleased that so many people have cast that apprehension aside and discovered what the cast already knew — the story is uplifting, a tribute to the human spirit and a welcome breath of air in our current climate of less than savory characters you read about in the national news.”

Actor Wade P. Wood adds, “I’m really impressed by the patrons Thingamajig draws here. After the shows I’ve met people from Albuquerque, northern Texas, Oklahoma, my home town of Denver, as far away as Columbia, as well as the local Pagosa folks. In Denver, where I produced theatre for years, you’re fighting for a very niche audience. It’s very competitive and expensive to market. I didn’t know what to expect coming to a town with a listed population of under 2,000, but somehow Tim and Laura have managed to attract an audience on a regional level, something that takes years to cultivate and is terribly expensive in terms of marketing and development. When they’re ready to share that magic wand they’re waiving with the rest of us, my hands are open.”

Why are patrons buzzing about “Hidden?”

Willard responds, “This is a unique perspective on the subject matter — less of a holocaust story and more a story about survival.  It’s a very hopeful story, moving, and asks difficult questions about who we are as a people, what makes us ‘moral’ and why we do the things we do.”

Please take a few minutes of your time this weekend and join the cast of “Hidden” for this special presentation of the human spirit.

Thingamajig Theatre Company presents, “Hidden: Stories from the Dutch Resistance,” by Christopher Willard and Jamie Bruss, directed by Laura Moore, May 24-26, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m., Sunday at 2 p.m. The play is appropriate for ages 13 and up. Special group discounts apply, call for details. For tickets and show information, visit or call 731-SHOW.

This story was posted on May 23, 2013.