Final auditions Friday for ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

By Dale Johnson
Special to The PREVIEW

Curtains Up Pagosa is holding final auditions for their summer blockbuster show, “Jesus Christ Superstar,” opening the end of June in celebration of 25 years of performing arts in our schools and community.

“Superstar,” written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, two highly respected artists in their fields, is a musical that explores the human sides of several biblical characters, while also telling a story and creating a sense of the times, struggles and people of the era. The musical is written as a rock opera; it opened on Broadway in 1971 and has been performed many thousands of times all over the world.  It is not meant to be an accurate representation of the Bible, nor a testament to religion.

Besides the remarkable music and lyrics, the production is universal and timely with the struggles and issues presented; they are many of the same issues we face in the world today: tolerance, acceptance, diversity, the challenge of authority, leading and following, love and fear.

CUP strives for excellence in performance, education and the creation of a respectful and inclusive environment in which to learn and grow. “Jesus Christ Superstar” provides a wonderful opportunity for CUP, our students and community. Join us for auditions this Friday in the high school band room from 2-7 p.m.; come be part of this extraordinary show.

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.