‘Fifty Shades of Shari’ opens at Center for the Arts

By Laura Moore
Special to The PREVIEW

On June 14 from 4-6 p.m., the doors to the Center for the Arts will be flung open in celebration of the artistic creations of Shari Louise, a local artist who pushes the boundaries of paper mache.

Louise will be introducing her diverse collection that can be seen at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts throughout the summer in a typical Shari Louise fashion — with humor, gratitude and an element of surprise. Her work ranges from sculptures and three-dimensional pieces, to collages, dream boxes, hand-stitched murals and two-dimensional work. It will be the largest collection of work ever displayed at one time at the Center for the Arts.

“Visually anything is possible,” Louise proves by the illusion that she creates with her paper.

People will not believe that this paper has morphed into what looks like clay, leather or stone. She has the truly unique ability to manipulate paper to look like something that you have never seen before.

“My work is largely inspired by animals. I take many of my cues from nature, how things grow and how things interact. My work often derives from the mythical tales of different culture and I, in turn, weave my own stories into my creations,” Louise states.

And what stories she weaves. Gallery-goers will be entranced by the humor and curiosity that her work inspires.

“I visualize another world within this one.”

Believe me, hers is a world that you don’t want to miss. Come meet the artist and enjoy her creations at the Opening of the Art show “Fifty Shades of Shari.”

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.