Dear Editor:

I have heard rumors that Dan and Crista’s festivals do not bring revenue to Pagosa, but that can’t possibly be true. Ron and I have been attending in both June and September for years and as far as crowds are concerned, this one had to set records and people were all over town as well as on the hill. The volunteers do a wonderful job as “security” and keep everything under control. It was all so much fun.

And then to follow it up with ColorFest. Friday night’s party under the tent was spectacular, with delicious food and music by Bob Hemenger. Everyone had a wonderful time. And the “four women warriors” and many volunteers pulled off a lovely weekend.

I want to mention a few more heroes in this community. One is a woman named Vivian Rader. Then there is Cappy White — Joe who never found out the difference between a “bribe and a donation,” and there is a man named Gary Williams whose intelligence was apparent as he spoke to us. How about Clint Alley and David Schanzenbaker who are trying so hard to represent the citizens of this area.

Thank you to all of them.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on September 13, 2012.