Feeling pressure

Dear Editor:

You can take it to the bank, Obama is feeling the pressure. Something’s gone wrong with his liberal lefty outlook. The public is skeptical. Government isn’t trusted. Folks are no longer enamored with “hope” and “change” and collective action of federal programs.

The current occupant of our Oval Office likes to blame Reagan for a lot of his problems. But the truth is as close as his mirror. Thanks to his appointed Regime, Americans are seeing anew; up close and personal, the ruinous impact of leftism. And they are running the other way.

Today, if you track any of the national polls, nearly three-fourths of the American electorate (73 percent) believes the country is on the wrong track … Obama’s image has taken a big hit … there are signs throughout the polling data that raise the very real prospect that obummer has lost the ability to lead this country. He can continue to search for political fights with equally unpopular figures, but he can no longer expect to implement major pieces of his agenda and certainly will not be able to regain the trust of the American people that he can turn around the direction of the country.

The current political mood shows that 56 percent of Americans now consider themselves “somewhat conservative” or “very conservative” while only 38 percent of Americans self-identify as “somewhat liberal” or “very liberal.” Ponder that for a minute. Despite horrific daily Marxist indoctrination in public schools for generations, despite a media in the far-left tank for decades, despite demonization (“racist-sexist-homophobe”) of anyone or anything conservative, more than half of Americans consider themselves: conservatives.

So, now you might be wondering. If the American population is so conservative, how on earth did Obama win?

Well, one reason was young people, who gave him 60 percent of their vote in 2012. And now that worm has turned. According to a poll from Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, Obama’s approval rating among young people is only 41 percent. What a difference a year makes.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that young people are en masse becoming ideological conservatives. No. But the data does reveal a definite turning, a shift, and a reconsideration of former reliably left positions. America has had socialism forced down their throats for six years and it’s been a disaster. Even low information voters appear ready to give conservatism a try.

Yet, inexplicably, while the U.S. turns to the right; the Washington Republican Establishment appears to want to move left. Away from where the public is heading; and away from their own base.

However, it’s the liberals who are the kooks and the oddballs. It’s the left that is out of touch with the rest of the country. Liberal Democrats love what’s happening to the country. The rest of the country hates it.

Republicans would do well to run an Iron-Lady-like campaign: Leftist statist policies bring nothing but ruin. They aren’t working. They never have and they never will. America is ready to hear it.

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on April 24, 2014.