Dear Editor:

In order for people to function in society, there must not only be rules that govern behavior, there must be knowledge and understanding of those rules.  It is quite clear that, today, within society all across our republic, we have many who have little or no knowledge of our constitution and the rule of law, and have gladly allowed the chains of ignorance to imprison them under more and more tyrannical government.  Our government “leaders” are routinely violating their oath of office and law, proving they have no understanding or respect for the laws of the land, or for the citizens they allegedly serve.  This is grade school stuff, people, and we are failing at it miserably.   It is the People’s responsibility to force these alleged “leaders” to comply with the law and constitution, or we replace them, sue them for civil rights violations and for criminal treason, period.  If we remain more ignorant than fifth-graders of the mid 1900s, we will surely see all our rights and freedoms disappear because we failed in our simple duty to know what 39 pages of the constitution actually says, and to stand for it.  Are we that selfish, apathetic and lost that we won’t even read 39 pages to see where we have failed and act on it?  Every society in the world has failed when the people failed to control their governments, and yes, it is happening here, too.  Will you do something about it, or watch it all disappear?

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on February 28, 2013.