Dear Editor:

In reference to Ms. Bubb’s letter last week: I called no one a sheep. If, however, Ms. Bubb finds that the shoe fits, by all means she should lace it up snuggly and wear it in good health.

Please, Ms. Bubb, show us those quotes about the silent majority that I supposedly said. You, as with many of your ilk, listen to rumor, and the second time you hear something, it becomes fact in your fertile conspiratorial mind. Please describe for us those acts of retribution, bullying, force, fraud or subversion which I have meted out. Not the ones in your imagination, but rather those that you can substantiate with real facts. It is very easy to make bogus accusations with only your and others imaginations as the source of these acts. I submit that it will be much harder to back them up with realities. You would be well advised to gather your own facts rather than parroting the thoughts of others and representing them as fact.

It is not surprising that believers in mob rule are afraid to recognize that a Republican form of government is the limit to their absolute power. It is much easier to just worry about their selfish interest, rather than to be concerned with the needs of the community as a whole.

Darrel Cotton

This story was posted on May 30, 2013.