Welcome to Pagosa Country

The residents of Pagosa Country welcome you to our beautiful community and to this most beautiful of places in the West.

Pagosa Springs features a multi-faceted experience for everyone. You may come to Pagosa seeking an action-packed romp through the virtual playground that our mountains, cliffs and rivers offer. You may seek a family-oriented vacation, where both kids and adults can discover and appreciate the treasures of the San Juans. Or you may simply want to escape, to relax and renew in a quiet mountain town.

Or, better yet, you want to do it all.

Whatever it is you seek, you will find it in Pagosa. Pair a demanding hike with a rejuvenating soak in the healing mineral waters; a quiet morning of fishing with an exhilarating afternoon of kayaking; or an informative tour of a historical site with an indulgent walk through local shops.

Whichever way you choose to tailor your visits, you will find the best of all worlds in Pagosa.