Dear Editor:

The La Plata Electric Association board election is currently in progress by mail-in ballot, to elect a qualified person to serve on the board from our Archuleta County area. I would like to support the incumbent who is seeking election to this very important position. Lin Stewart, since appointed to his board of directors position with LPEA almost two years ago, has served this county and our local community excellently, because his background and advanced educational degrees have been in the electrical engineering business and electric power generation. He is fully qualified and experienced in these areas of expertise.

Is this community aware that Lin has also been involved during his career with the development of energy ideas with biomass, solar and waste to energy projects? How better a candidate can you elect than one whose career has been in the realm of current issues facing rural electrical co-ops.

LPEA encourages each new board member to take director courses specific to the duties of the board. Lin has already taken several of these courses.

Keeping members’ rates low and as fair as reasonably possible, energy efficiency and alternative energy, so long as members are not burdened with higher rates, are key issues for Lin.

Lin has a strong, proven record from his educational preparedness to his career in electrical power generation and distribution. Lin has been a dedicated member of the board, and I know he will continue to be so. Lin is not one to brag about his accomplishments and qualifications, so I am. Please consider keeping Lin Stewart as our District 1 board representative.

Bruce Keuning

This story was posted on April 25, 2013.